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The big question when studying by yourself is how in the world am I going to practice speaking??? And the answer people give you is “just go and find friends” and that advice it’s not bad, actually it’s the right advice because at some point you need to interact with real people in order to improve.

Buuttt… that’s not the only way to practice speaking, I found this videos with an awesome idea to practice speaking. So, now, you’ll have two ways to practice speaking and not only one.

With this method you will get to practice different aspects of your speaking skills (If you don’t know speaking skills is not only about saying words out loud) you will practice your intonation, pronunciation and fluency, that way you improve until you can speak a nice-smooth-easy English.

The technique they explain in the video is called ‘imitation’ where you listen to an audio and then try to deliver the same information but using your own words. The video explains how the method works, so I will just leave it for you to watch it. (the video has substitles in English, make sure to turn them on so you can fully understand how the technique works)

Go, do it, promise you won’t regret it.

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