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Why read news in English?

      1. Learn new words about topics you’re interested in and current situations

      2. Great to practice pronunciation (when reading out loud)

      3. The texts are short. You can read them in less than 5 minutes.

Websites to read news for free

1. News in Levels.

On this page you can found news (today’s news!) divided into three levels:
level 1 – beginner
level 2 – intermediate
level 3 – advanced

You can find the news on the three different levels, so you don’t have to worry about looking for a new that is interesting and that is at your level.

The stories are short and very interesting. Perfect for those who don’t like reading looong books.

WAIT, that’s not all…

The news comes with a video where you can listen the pronunciation. It’s really good for practicing listening.

Also, in the Level 3. You also have the option to watch the original video of the news.

2. Axios

Axios is another website you can use if you want to read longer news (than News in Levels). I like how the news are written. They’re short but with enough information. The way the news are written makes it easier to read news about complex subjects. Also, they have podcasts where you can listen for free the news (and practice your listening).

REMEMBER: read a news every day,  make it a habit. You’ll improve your vocabulary and listening (if you listen to the audio too) a lot.