As an ESL student, learning irregular verbs in the past tense can be challenging for several reasons:

1. Not the Same: Regular verbs have a simple rule for making the past tense by adding “-ed” to the base form. But irregular verbs don’t follow this rule. Instead, each one has its own special past tense form that you have to remember.

2. Remembering Lots: Irregular verbs are tricky because they have different forms for the base, past tense, and past participle. So, you have to remember multiple forms for each one. This can be tough, especially when there are so many irregular verbs in English.

3. Pronunciation Changes: Some irregular verbs not only change how they’re spelled in the past tense but also how they sound. This can make things even harder because you need to know the right way to say each form.

4. Not Easy to Predict: Irregular verbs don’t follow the usual grammar rules, so it’s not easy to guess their past tense forms. This can make it tough for ESL students to use them confidently. You need extra practice to get comfortable with when to use each form correctly.

5. Not Used as Much: Irregular verbs are important, but they’re not used as often as regular ones. So, ESL students might not hear or read them as much in everyday conversations or texts. This can make it tricky to remember how to use them correctly.

To make it easier, It’s important to try different ways of learning, like practicing regularly, using memory tricks, making flashcards, and reading real English materials. The more you practice and expose yourself to irregular verbs, the better you’ll get at using them naturally in your language.

So here I will share you my favorite tool to practice the conjugation of these verbs:

Practice the conjugation of irregular verbs in the past tense (FREE)

Using flashcards is one of the best techniques to learn these verbs. Thanks to the spaced repetition system they use that allows you to retain these new vocabulary. If you want to now more about using flashcards, go here. These flashcards I made them personally and consist of a full sentence with the verb we want to practice (it’s easier if you see the verbs in context) where you have to complete the sentence with the verb in the simple past. The website I used for these flashcards is Quizlet. You don’t need to create an account to use these flashcards but you can do it and it will save your progress. Also, since the flashcards are online you can study in you cellphone or computer. It’s perfect for studying on the go.

Get the flashcards for FREE below 

How to use the flashcards

The best way to practice new verbs (and vocabulary) is to see the word in context. So the flashcards are made with a sentence containing the verb we want to practice and a blank space. You need to complete the sentence by putting the verb in parenthesis in the correct form. You don’t need to type the word just say it out loud.

When you are ready, click on the card and the answer will show. So you can check if the answer you said was correct. Then, you continue with the next card.