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Many people think that they need too many and expensive things to practice English. Yes, that expensive grammar book you bought helps, but you can also not spend big amounts of money in order to practice, Thanks to the internet this is possible. (THANK YOU, INTERNET)

Here I’m going to tell you simple things you need to practice English and other languages:

A smartphone, computer or tablet

Well, I think is obvious why we need this. On the internet you can find so many activities to practice, and of course, you need a device for being able to look for them.

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Having a notebook to keep track of those new words you come across is really good. Any kind of notebook is great for this. Just write those new words with their definitions (in English if possible).

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I am a person who likes a to-do list, I like being organized. And I use a whiteboard to write all my activities for the day/week, everything in English. Super simple but really effective. (You can use a notebook for this, too.).

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(only if you have English-spoken channels) to watch series, movies in English. But now there are many streaming apps to watch them on your computer or smartphone like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video

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To listen to music, podcast (here I have some podcast you can listen to). Headphones will help to listen clearly the pronunciation of words. If the headphone comes with a microphone better. That way you can record yourself and practice pronunciation.

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A language partner

It gets to one point where you are just tired of studying alone, it gets boring… Finding people who also are learning English is really good for practicing. If you find some in your city, awesome! If it’s difficult for you, there are apps you can use to find people from around the world who are also learning and wants to practice with someone, remember that you’re not the only one who wants to learn.

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This is the most important of all. You need motivation, you really need to like learning this awesome language (well, any language). If you are losing your motivation of learning English, always think of why are you doing these, think the fun things you can do with this, always have that in mind.

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