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Now we are going through some difficult times with everything that is happening. Right now staying at home is really important. it’s necessary, it’s the right thing to do. and we can take advantage of this by getting some things done, things we always say we will do but never actually do. Practicing English is one of them. and Our house is one of the best places to study since we don’t actually need to have lots of things to do this. And here I’m going to tell you some activities you can do at home to practice and take advantage of the situation we are living right now because of the Coronavirus.

Read a book

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Now it’s the time to read that precious book you’ve always wanted to read but didn’t get the chance to do. But if you don’t have one to read HERE you can find some FREE PDF books made especially for English learners. or you can visit sites like where you can find a variety of PDF books you can read for free.

Read news

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you can read news online on the website of different newspapers. Also you can try reading news in this awesome site where the news is written for English learners on different levels and also include audio.

Find more info here: News to practice READING

Label objects from your house

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Just like our preschool classroom looked like. Practice your vocabulary by labeling everything you can in your house and study them. Vocab will stick better if you learn with visual definitions of simple words rather than the translation.

Listen to podcasts

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While cooking, cleaning, doing exercises or simply by resting on the couch you can listen to podcasts in English and practice your listening skills, you can use Spotify or other websites to listen to different podcasts episodes. Here you can find more info about them: Podcasts for improving LISTENING.

Watch Youtube videos

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Maybe this is one of the things we’ll do a lot while staying at home, and why not watching videos in English so you can have fun AND practice the language? Here I share some Youtube channels you can try if you don’t know where to start.

Do dictations

In this website you can also practice your listening skills by doing short dictations, then you can check your answer: Dictation Exercises for English Learners

Record yourself talking in English

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You may think I’m crazy and that you will absolutely not do this because it may be awkward but it’s an awesome way to practice pronunciation and gain confidence in your speaking. Just record yourself saying some things in English, talking about any topic you want, you can also read out loud extract from the books I just recommended you! They don’t have to be looong videos if you don’t feel comfortable doing it and the idea may scare you but practicing English is not only about listen and reading and writing, speaking is an important skill you need to practice and thanks to technology we don’t have to be face to face with someone to get it done.

But if the idea of video recording yourself still doesn’t sound right, you can also do an audio recording. It works just fine, too.

Well here you have, simple but effective ideas to practice your English without leaving your precious house!